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Sanity Check Fails - All Accounts Linked
Sanity Check Fails - All Accounts Linked
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On the Operating Model you might see the Sanity Checks failing from time to time.

Most commonly, this is because someone has added a new account in your accounting system.

Click on "All Flightpath accounts...", which takes to a list of Unlinked Accounts.

In this example, the company did not encounter any web hosting costs until recently. As the hosting bills begun to show up in their QuickBooks / Xero, someone needed to create a new account called Hosting.

If you think you might already have the account present in Flightpath, make sure to search for it in the Flightpath Chart of Accounts first. If you do, skip creating a new account and map it to an existing one instead.

Click on the unlinked account and navigate to your company's Chart of Accounts. Create a new account by selecting "New".

Select Hosting from the list of mappable accounts. The rest of the information is filled automatically from your accounting software, although sometimes you might want to edit the Account Parent to better organize the accounts in Flightpath.

Sometimes you might have an existing account in Flightpath. For example, you might have had a forecast in place for your hosting expenses, knowing that your AWS/Google Cloud startup credits will expire soon. If that's the case, just navigate to the account with the same name, map it to QuickBooks / Xero, and you're done.

As you navigate back to the Operating Model, you should now see all Sanity Checks passing!

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