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Accessing Forecast+ and integrating with your accounting service provider
Accessing Forecast+ and integrating with your accounting service provider
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An active Baremetrics subscription is required to activate and access Forecast+ our advanced forecasting feature.

You'll find a new icon within your existing interface. Just click this icon to begin utilizing the advanced forecasting capabilities. This addition ensures that all our tools are at your fingertips, helping you understand your financial health better and make informed decisions. Enjoy exploring and harnessing the power of predictive analytics!

To connect your Forecast+ account to either Xero or Quickbooks, select the accounting software you use and proceed with the integration process. If you're not already signed in to your accounting system, you'll be taken to the sign-in page of the software. The integration will be effective once you've signed in and granted the necessary permissions. During the connection process, Forecast+ will request secure API access from your accounting software, which can be revoked anytime via the Xero or Quickbooks platforms.

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Once you have successfully connected your first integration with Baremetrics, you will see a loading indicator representing the two-step process that's taking place:

  1. Importing Data: The system is fetching all the necessary data from your integrated services.

  2. Analyzing Data: The data is now being analyzed and processed to populate your charts, create auto scenarios and give you insights.

    Please note that the duration of the importing and analyzing process may vary depending on the volume of data to be processed.

After the system has completed importing and analyzing your data, you will be redirected to your dashboard. You will see all your relevant charts populated with data, offering valuable insights into your financials and performance. You can start exploring these to understand your business's financial health and make data-driven decisions.

To check the connected company or add more than one connection, you can also go to Forecast+ -> Settings -> Connections.

Once the connection is established, Forecast+ will sync with your chart of accounts and import your financial statements from your accounting software. It's important to note that this is a one-way sync from your accounting software to Forecast+ - Forecast+ does not make changes to your accounting data. This ensures that your financial data is secure and accurate in your accounting software.

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