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Tagging the Chart of Accounts
Tagging the Chart of Accounts
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Forecast+ allows you to tag your Chart of Accounts (CoA) according to the department or type of expense (fixed vs variable). This enables you to analyze your costs by department or type.

Note - All costs marked as Marketing department are automatically used to calculate CAC (customer acquisition cost).

CAC = all marketing tagged costs accounts/new customers from Baremetrics

The tagged accounts are represented in the form of charts on the dashboard (expense breakdown chart and fixed vs variable chart), providing you with a visual representation of your financial performance. This feature is especially useful for businesses that want to track their performance by department, such as sales, marketing, or production.

In summary, tagging your Chart of Accounts allows you to:

🔍 Analyze Costs by Department or Fixed Variable: Understand your spending better by categorizing costs by department or as fixed or variable expenses.

📊 View Expense Breakdown: Utilize the Dashboard for a clear visualization of your business's expense breakdown, allowing for quick and efficient assessments.

💼 Fixed vs Variable Charts: Access valuable insights through our Fixed vs Variable charts to track your company's spending habits effectively.

📈 Calculate Key Metrics: Leverage tagged marketing cost accounts and new customer data from Baremetrics to compute vital metrics like the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

This feature provides you with greater control over your financial data and enables you to make informed decisions about your business operations.

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