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Say we want to create a new account that's not yet added in your accounting. Here's an example how you would add Contractors - Support account located in your Cost of Revenue.

1. Navigate to Settings > Chart of Accounts

2. Click New

3. Ensure the account isn't already added in your accounting. You should see None under the Mapped Accounts.

4. Name the account and select its' type.

Here: Contractors - Support and Cost of Revenue. You'll typically use only three Account Types: Revenue, Cost of Revenue and Expenses.

5. Select Parent Account

Here: Customer Support. You can select it from the list or just type it and it appears.

6. Advanced Settings (ignore 99% of the time)

Here you can make an account actuals to be negative instead of positive, and vice versa. Useful if QuickBooks or Xero miscategorizes your revenue as expenses or the other way around, and you can't fix it inside your accounting software.

7. Save and Close

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