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Setting up Flightpath (New Account)
Setting up Flightpath (New Account)
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Step 1 - Connect Your Accounting

Once your Flightpath account has been created and you've been invited, the main page will show:

There are three quick steps:

  1. Choose forecast start, typically the month after you last closed your books.

  2. Connect Xero, Quickbooks, or upload a CSV

  3. Create a baseline forecast - this is just a starting place - it can be edited or changed anytime!

Step 2 - Connect Your Baremetrics Account

If you have an existing Baremetrics account, you can connect it to Flightpath. ✈ This will automatically populate your Revenue Model.

  1. At the bottom left-hand corner, there is a gear that will take you to your Flightpath account settings:

  2. Once within the settings, you'll navigate to the "Integrations" tab:

  3. Select "Connect New Company (advanced), and then "Get Started".

  4. A window will be displayed to confirm authorization to Baremetrics. Select "Authorize". This can be disconnected anytime within Baremetrics here.

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