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Intercom Integration
Intercom Integration

Integrate your Baremetrics account with Intercom

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What this app does

The Baremetrics app enables 2-way data sync between your Baremetrics and your Intercom accounts:

  • Get a custom Baremetrics widget to display additional customer information like MRR, Total Charges, Delinquency status & update credit card link in the Intercom Inbox

  • Sync Tags and customer attributes for each of your Intercom users to the corresponding customer records in your Baremetrics account. Use them to segment your metrics.

How to setup the app

  1. Login to your Baremetrics account and head on over to

  2. Once authorized, you'll have the Baremetrics Widget available from your Intercom Inbox. In the "Details" section on the right, click "Customize", "Add more", and select the Baremetrics integration.

  3. That's all you need to do! Your Tags/attribute data will become available within Baremetrics after several minutes to hours, dependent on the number of users in your account.

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