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Before using Forecast+, there are two prerequisites that must be met:

  • Baremetrics Subscription: Forecast+ is an extension of the Baremetrics platform, so an active paid Baremetrics subscription is required to access the service.

  • Accounting software: The power of Forecast+ is unlocked through its seamless integration with leading accounting software. Presently, we support integrations with both Xero and Quickbooks. You must be an active user of either of these two platforms to effectively use Forecast+.

    The accounting software integration enables you to simplify the entire process of financial forecasting. With this integration, Forecast+ brings in your actual financial figures, and through trend analysis, it enables you to predict your Profit & Loss and balance sheet figures.

Accessing the Advanced Forecasting Feature:

  • Within the App: If you are an active Baremetrics user, you can directly access Forecast+ from within the app.

  • Onboarding: We will assist you with a simple onboarding process, after which you can begin to use this feature to generate comprehensive financial forecasts.

  • Feedback: We value your insights. Please provide regular feedback about your user experience. Your feedback will play a vital role in shaping the future development of our Advanced Forecasting Feature.

  • Next Steps: Based on customer feedback and internal analysis, we continually update and enhance our forecasting tool. We'll keep you informed about what new updates to expect and when to expect them.

We're excited to have you onboard! Your insights and experience will be instrumental in making Forecast+ the best financial forecasting tool on the market.

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