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Change Forecast Start Date (Monthly Closing)
Change Forecast Start Date (Monthly Closing)
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After closing your books in your accounting software, you'll want to make sure you're displaying the latest numbers in Flightpath.

In this example, September books just closed, so we want to update Flightpath to begin forecasting as of October, 1st, 2021.

Xero Users: Before completing Step 1, you'll need to navigate to Integrations > Reconnect. Once you've reconnected your Xero account, you can follow these same steps.

1. Update Forecast Start Date

Once you close your September books, update the Forecast Start drop-down to October 2021. Click Save and Refresh.

2. Review Sanity Checks to see if there are new accounts to map

Navigate to Operating Model to ensure that all sanity checks pass.

The most common check to fail after updating the model is the first one All Flightpath accounts are mapped to accounting. This check fails if a new account was added to your accounting system but not yet to Flightpath. To map (=link) new accounts, please read the Sanity Checks Failing - Accounts Unlinked article.

If any other check fails, the most likely reason is an account that's mapped to the wrong category. For example, you might have accidentally mapped a liability account to an asset. If that's not the case or you can't figure out what's wrong, please contact Flightpath Support by emailing

3. Review Dashboard

Make sure your dashboard is displaying the latest data. You can make the charts and tables to pull in actual data dynamically (e.g. Last Month, Year-To-Date), but for any forecast snapshots, you will need to manually select which snapshot you want to use. Read more on using Comparison Table to display Forecast to Actuals.

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