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Forecasting with Google Sheets
Forecasting with Google Sheets
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Flightpath has the ability to use an external Google sheet to forecast values for a specified account. This is a helpful option when a more custom forecasting approach is needed for one of your accounts.

1. Connect a Google Workbook to Flightpath

To get started, connect Flightpath to a Google Workbook by navigating to company Settings / Integrations. Paste the URL of your workbook in the Google Sheets URL field.

2. Share the Google Workbook with Flightpath

Share the Google sheet with to allow the Flightpath platform to access the workbook.

3. Structure the Workbook to Display Monthly Data

Once connected, you may now use values from the Google Sheets workbook to forecast an account in Flightpath. In this example, we have created a custom revenue forecast using historical MRR metrics within the workbook.

N.B. Data must be structured in a way that each column represents a monthly value. The values must be sequential and not contain any gaps. For example, in the example below we are looking at Revenue forecast, represented monthly.

4. Map the Workbook Rows to Flightpath Accounts

4.1 Navigate to the Flightpath Operating Model and select the account you would like to forecast using Google Sheets.

4.2 Select Google as the active model to use and Google Sheets to view the connected workbook.

4.3 Enter or select Range Start Date. This is the month and year that will begin the Flightpath forecast from the connected Google Sheet. You don't need to change this date later, as values from your accounting will override all of your forecasts.

4.4 Enter in the Range Start and Range End cell values. For example, here we have S32 as the starting value that corresponds to the Range Start Date of April 2019 (04/01/2019). The Range End date is BK32 which represents the month December, 2022.

4.5 Enter in the name of the worksheet you want to pull data from. In this case, Revenue Model.

4.5 Save & Close. The values from the Google Sheet will appear in your Flightpath forecast as seen here:

5. Refresh Values from Google Sheets

Clicking Save and Close will always pull in the very latest numbers from your workbook. However, if you have multiple people working on your Google Sheets workbook, Flightpath does not automatically refresh values from workbook after each change. You may refresh values on demand by selecting Refresh Google from the Refresh Options drop-down:

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