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New Customers and Upgrades
New Customers and Upgrades

Yay, new friends! 👯

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🤔 What is a new customer vs an upgrade?

➡ New Customers are folks going from free plan, a trial, or no plan, directly to a paid plan. This means that upgrades from free or trial to paid are considered to be a new customer.

➡ Upgrades are folks going from one paid plan to another more expensive paid plan. We like upgrades. Upgrades are good.

🤷‍♀️ How can I learn more about new customers and upgrades?

Both the New Customers and Upgrades page have a list of folks at the bottom.

You can click on any of those customers to open their customer profile and see their entire history with your business!

📝 Want to see how your customers and plans compare?

Compare Plans

See which plans contribute most to new customers and upgrades

See how your last 30 days of new customers compares to a previous period.

Take out the bumps in your data and get a clearer idea of how your business is doing.

Use a long date range and a weekly or monthly interval for best results.

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