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See your current trial users and how they're performing!

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We love to share how your trials are performing. Education is everything to us and if we see that one type of trialing customer isn't hanging around as long as another, we want to know why. As long you're passing on free or trial users to your payment provider, you can use this feature!

You need at least 10 trials and 30 days worth of trial data to use Trial Insights.

Setting up your trial lengths

If your existing paid plans have trials, we will automatically determine their length and calculate your metrics accordingly.

If you put trial users on a free plan and then move them manually or programmatically to a paid plan when they convert, you need to tell us how long the trial is. We will prompt you for this when you first access trial metrics.

Trial metrics explained

Conversion Rate

This is the percentage of trials that convert to paid. The graph provides a 30 day rolling average of your conversion rate. The equation is:
(Number of converted trials in the past 30 days / number of new trials in the past 30 days) X 100

Trial Length

This is the average length of time it takes for someone to convert from a free trial to paid.

Active Trials

These are all the folks who are currently within the trial period for your product.

New Trials

How many trial customers have signed up during the set date range

Trial Value

The lifetime value of the plan the customer is on a trial for as it was on the day they first signed up.

Things to Note

  • For new trials, there is not yet an LTV for them, so we display trial users overall LTV.

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