Why should I compare plans?

You should always be seeing how each plan is stacking up and affecting your various metrics. Ultimately you may find that you need to tweak your prices, or even eliminate an underperforming plan altogether!

Which plans are driving churn?

Break churn into a smaller problem and view it by plan. You may find that a particular plan is driving churn the most. You can try offering additional value to folks or potentially even eliminating that plan altogether.

Which plans are driving new MRR?

Introduce a new plan? Or want to see how an old standby is doing? See how each plan stacks up in terms of contributing to your revenue.

How do I compare plans?

1. Click on the Compare Plans button in the toolbar.

2. Select or search for which plans you'd like to compare from the drop down. You can compare a maximum of 5 plans at one time.

✨Pro Tip✨

Too many plans in the list? Star your favorites and archive your unused plans to clean it up.

3. Hover over the points on the graph to see how each plan changes by day.

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