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Create a Snapshot of your Forecast
Create a Snapshot of your Forecast
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"Freezing" your previous forecasts is a great tool for comparing your actual performance against your previous forecasts. Not only this lets you fine-tune your forecasting, but you will also get alerted if things are not going as expected.

You can also use the snapshots for creating the annual budget. This works the exact same way as creating a snapshot, you'll just give it a different name such as "Budget 2020."


1. Create a Snapshot

Navigate to your Snapshots in your Company Settings and select New.

2. Name the Snapshot

Enter a descriptive name for your budget, and add an optional Description.

3. Use the Snapshot on the Dashboard

You can now begin to use your forecast snapshot by plotting it into charts and tables.

Keep in mind that before you change your current forecast values or pull in new data from your accounting, your forward-looking current forecast, and the just-created snapshot are going to look identical.

One of our most popular features is to create Comparison Tables or Charts and compare the past month's performance against the previous month's forecast.

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