Step 1 - Initial Set up:

So you've decided to give this Recover thing a shot and see if it really is as useful as you've heard. We keep the set-up process simple and straight forward so we can start jump in and start getting those failed payments turned into money in the bank.

If you haven't already click the start free trial button so that you can follow along.

Step 2 - 📢 DNS Settings:

This step is crucial to making sure your emails are going directly to your customers and not getting lost in spam folders. Click here to learn how to set up your DNS before moving onto the next step.

Step 3 - Automated and personalized drip campaigns

Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner to begin customizing your dunning templates:

Step 3.5 - But what should I say?

We give you 6 templates to start sending to your customers with failed payments, so you can just toggle the e-mail "on," or you can take a few minutes to fully customize the wording, style, and branding of each and every e-mail. Here is even more information on how to set up those emails. Curious what makes for the most effective dunning emails? We've got your back.

Step 4 - Stripe Smart Retries:

Stripe offers a single initial email notification as well as Smart Retries. Smart Retries isn't actually dunning, it's just a smart solution to charge the card at the optimal time. Stripe sends out an initial one-time "payment failed" email notification, but the best results are found when multiple emails are sent before and after the payment fails. Which is where Recover comes in. If you have Stripe Smart Retries enabled with Recover. We recommend adjusting your settings like so:

Step 5 - Billing URL:

Some of our users opt to host their own billing page within Recover, but we also offer our own for your ease of use. This page is smart enough to not only collect those payments, but update the stored card information to ensure successful payments in the future. Read more about our billing pages here.

Step 6 - The Widget:

Our favorite not so secret weapon. Occasionally you'll have a customer who hasn't paid in spite of various email reminders. When that happens we catch them by allowing you to embed Recover into your website. Click here to learn how.

Step 7 - Credit Card Capture:

Let's update the credit card form to your branding to improve the Recover rate. Just like the emails and widget, the credit card form is fully customizable to your branding! We recommend getting in there and changing the image to your logo, the coloring to match, and the wording to sound like your businesses tone.

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