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Cancellation Insights: Your 101 Setup Guide
Cancellation Insights: Your 101 Setup Guide

Getting started with Cancellation Insights

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Learn why your customers cancel, calculate lost revenue by cancellation reason, and send automated emails to bring customers back.

Our Success team will also walk you through the entire setup, feel free to schedule a time here:

Cancellation Insights Setup Steps

Step 1 - What is Cancellation Insights? 💭

There are three main parts to Cancellation Insights. Each part is entirely optional, however, using all three is the recommended setting for capturing the most cancellation insights!

  1. A customizable "Reason for Cancellation" email that customers receive one hour after they cancel.

  2. A customizable "Reason for Cancellation" form that you embed into your app: we gather the data about why your customers cancel before they cancel.

  3. An automated follow-up email campaign reaches out based on the customer's cancellation reason after they cancel.

Step 2 - Create your reasons

We'll start you out with some default reasons, you are able to add and re-order reasons for cancellation any way you'd like.

👉 If you'd like to change one of your existing reasons to something completely different, we strongly recommend removing the reason via the trash can icon to the far right and creating a new reason.

👉Each box is a data point that should only be tied to a single reason. Simple edits are fine, but if you change the reason from "Too expensive" to "Too hard to use", the data we've collected for customers that chose that box will be mixed together.

Step 3: Setup e-mail responses

This is the email that can be enabled to email your customers after they cancel. You're able to edit everything here from the subject to the email's body.

Tip: You'll want to always configure this step - if a customer is manually canceled by someone from your team, they won't see the widget during cancellation. This will email the customer after cancellation to collect a reason.

Step 4: Configure the in-app widget

This is the widget you can embed within your app to be presented before your customers cancel. Working your way down, edit each item you'd like. Change the icon, callout, or colors and decide if you'd like a reason selected mandatory to cancel.

Step 5: Embed the in-app widget

This has its own guide - feel free to send it to your team to get this embedded within your app.

Step 6: Configure the custom follow-up e-mails

Email responses are entirely optional, but we think they're a unique and powerful tool for learning specifics about why your customers cancel and potentially increasing their chances of reactivation.

Each cancellation reason you create gets its own email response template, and each template can be sent instantly or put on a time delay.

As an example, you could reach out to customers that switched to a different product instantly and find out who they switched to - or reach out 20 days later and ask if they'd be interested in discounted pricing for their return.

Note: Cancellation Insights emails are triggered by subscription cancellations in your payment provider - there isn't a way for us to only send them to certain cancellations and ignore others. If you have a use case where you'd not want some customers emailed when they cancel, we'd suggest only embedding the cancellation form. This way your customer is presented with the cancellation reasons when they request cancellation in your app.

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