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Bring customers who pay by check, invoice or wire transfer into Baremetrics!

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Manual subscriptions exist independent of the data from your payment provider. That means that manual subscriptions cannot use existing customers or plans. We hope to integrate the two in the near future.

To bring in a lot of outside customers we recommend using our API.

You can access manual customers from the Customers tab or this direct link.

It can take anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours to see your manual customers reflected in the dashboard.

How do I use an existing customer or plan from my payment provider?

At the moment manual subscriptions don't integrate with your payment provider. You will need to create a new customer record and/or plan.

How do I add historical subscriptions that have already been canceled?

Add a manual subscription and set both the start date and cancel date to the appropriate dates in the past.

How do I know that the manual subscription has been added to my metrics?

Check the MRR breakout under "New" on the start date of the subscription to see how it impacts MRR.

How do I change the plan on a subscription?

To upgrade or downgrade a customer, click "Edit" and change the plan. Note you can only edit in a sequential sequence.

Help! I made a mistake when adding a subscription!

Fret not! Simply click Edit and then Delete on the subscription you want to remove. Then create a new one!

Lots of manual subscriptions?

Check out the guide on how to send them over!

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