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Manual Subscription Import Guide
Manual Subscription Import Guide

Lots of manual subscriptions? Send them to us in a .csv file! πŸ“

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  1. Read the column descriptions Below you will find a detailed explanation about the specifics of each column. Please make sure to note the formatting specifics, any incorrect formatting will be rejected.

  2. Fill in your data

  3. Review your data It's worth reviewing to make sure that data and formatting is consistent before importing. This can be much more painful to correct after the import.

  4. Save as .CSV and email to

Column descriptions, formatting and tips:

  • plan_oid - The numbering/organization units for your plans. This column does not accept spaces. Each plan price point must have a unique plan_oid.
    Example: plan_1

  • plan_name - The name of your plan.
    Example: Plan 1

  • plan_currency - The currency customer pays in
    Example: USD

  • plan_amount - cents integer $1 = 100
    Example: $50.00 = 5000

  • plan_interval - At what interval the plan renews ex: week, month, year
    Example: month

  • plan_interval_count - How often this occurs. If plan_interval is β€œmonth” and this is β€œ1” then it will occur every 1 month.

  • customer_oid - Numbering/organization units for customers

  • customer_name - Your customer's name

  • customer_email - Each line can only have one email/customer. Multiple emails will be rejected.

  • subscription_oid - Your internal reference to this subscription.
    Example: subscription_1

  • subscription_started_at - YYYY-MM-DD; all other formats will be rejected.

  • subscription_canceled_at - YYYY-MM-DD; all other formats will be rejected. This is ONLY required if subscription has a cancellation. Subscriptions cannot be un-canceled.

⚠️ Please read this instruction guide over! Any incorrect files will be rejected.
β€‹βš οΈ Each row must contain all information
β€‹βš οΈ The file cannot contain customers that are already created. If you'd like, we can clear our your data and start again.

Reviewed the information and ready to go? Start by downloading the template!

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