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Reading the Overview

What does it all mean?

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Once you've activated and set up Recover, you'll notice new data populating on your Overview page. Let's take a minute to familiarize ourselves with what each of these sections monitors for you!

Lifetime view

The section lists the following:

  • All Failed Charges since the day you activated Recover.

  • All Recovered Charges from the day you activated Recover.

  • The Recovery Rate is the percentage of failed charges we've been able to recover for you.

  • ROI shows exactly how many times over Recover has paid for itself.

Past 12 Months View

The red bar shows the total amount of failed charges for that month. While the blue bar shows many failed charges we were able to Recover that month. Keep in mind (example below) that failed charges from previous months may become recovered in future months. By hovering over these bars you can see the exact numbers:

📢An important note here: It is possible to Recover amounts from previous months in a new month. For example, if a customer has a failed payment on December 28th, but does not come current until January 3rd, their payment will be counted as Recovered" (the blue bar) in the month of January, however, their Failed Charge will show in the month it failed (December for this example). You can see this represented here:

Active Recoveries

These are the failed charges Recover is actively working to bring back to you at the moment. You will see this number change on a day-to-day basis.

Recover Prediction

This number is based on historical data of how many of those failed charges you have been able to Recover in the past.

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