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Display Scenarios on the Dashboard
Display Scenarios on the Dashboard
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After creating your first scenario, you may want to see how it compares to your Baseline forecast. Or to your budget. You can do this quickly by using Flightpath Dashboard. In this example, we will create a simple line chart that will show the Advertising expense forecast in both Baseline and Aggressive scenarios used in the previous article.

1. Add a Chart

Navigate to your Dashboard and select Add a Chart at the bottom of the page

2) Name the chart and select the Chart Type as Line. Modify the Report Period as you see fit.

Add the desired accounts by using Add a Line. In this example, we will compare Advertising from the Baseline scenario to the same account in Aggressive scenario. (If this is your first time creating a chart, read more on how to create a line chart.)

Select the Scenario and Account for each line in your chart. Click Save.

We have now built a line chart displaying the Advertising forecast for our two scenarios. This process can be repeated for any chart or table in the Flightpath Dashboard.

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