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Manually Excluding Customers
Manually Excluding Customers
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As you get in the habit of customizing your metrics to best suit your company, you may occasionally find that you have customers whom you would like to remove from your stats.

Baremetrics reads events directly from Stripe, which means we're unable to exclude individual events, as those would just be picked right back up the next time we import your data.

To Exclude a Customer:

1) Search in your Customers tab for the party you'd like to remove.

2) On the right hand corner of the customer profile, you'll see 3 dots beside "send email," this will open an easy to use menu. Simply select "exclude from metrics, and you're all set!

To Confirm Exclusion:

Want a little extra peace of mind? To double check that a customer has been excluded from your metrics, you can simply refresh their profile and you'll see this notation on the left hand side of their profile.

To Include an Excluded Customer:

Search the customer you'd like to re-include in your metrics, then click on the same menu beside "send email" and you'll see this option. Simply select it, and you're all set! This customer will be included in your data going forward!

Do you have a LOT of customers to exclude?

Email us a list of their customer ID's and we'll manually exclude them for you. 😀

GDPR Delete:

This excludes the customer from metrics and deletes their profile and all associated data from Baremetrics. To ensure that this customer's data will not be re-imported in the future, first request a GDPR deletion from your payment provider. This can not be reversed.

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