Follow these steps to connect:

Simply follow the instructions at to create your Access Token & organization ID:

We need all permissions ticked for the following reasons:

  • View financials - Everything in Shopify comes through as a “Transaction” - these resources are everything from subscription sales, to one-time charges, to fees, to tax charges.

  • Manage apps - Since there are no real “plans” in Shopify, we have to guesstimate at a plan name by combining the App name, the interval and the price. Without Manage apps we won’t be able to obtain the App name on each transaction (yes, the API is that restrictive)

  • Manage themes / Manage jobs -Similarly, in order to extract theme or job-specific fields from the transactions for one-time charges we need the Manage themes and Manage jobs permissions ticked too. The Shopify GraphQL API is very granular in terms of what it provides, so if we request all details of a transaction including the App name, but don’t have permissions to “Manage” apps, the API call fails and we can’t work out what to call the plan. Since Shopify’s GraphQL API is still in beta it’s entirely possible they might release read/view-only specific permissions in the future but as of now “Manage” is what they’re calling it. In addition, the GraphQL API currently only allows for read-only operations, so there’s no chance of us accidentally affecting any live data on Shopify’s platform.

When you are finished, you'll be able to connect here.

Please note: The API is stable but Shopify still considers it “in development”. As such it may well break at any time, but we will be monitoring it closely to ensure we can keep it skating along. 👍

Caveats with the integration

  • Churn is based on the non-presence of a charge the following month and typically has a lag of 3-5 days.

  • Shopify does not provide us with your customer's email addresses and we, therefore, cannot enrich your customer's data.

  • Some customers (usually from earlier years) are marked by Shopify as "REDACTED". Such customers are excluded from metrics.

  • We're unable to recognize returning customers as reactivation. Customers returning after cancellation will show as "New".

  • UsageCharge charges are not included in MRR. They are included in Other Revenue and Net Revenue.

  • In line with our other direct integrations, we do not remove Shopify's fees from MRR, Net Revenue, etc.

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