There are three main parts to Cancellation Insights:

  1. The customizable "Reason for Cancellation" email that customers receive one hour after they cancel.

  2. The customizable "Reason for Cancellation" form you embed into your app: we gather the data about why your customers cancel before they cancel.

  3. The automated follow-up email campaign that reaches out based on the customer's cancellation reason after they cancel.

The email campaign (#1) is entirely optional, but the embedded form (#2) is essential to Cancellation Insights.

Steps to Setup

1. To get started, you'll customize your reasons.

  • You can add and re-order reasons for cancellation any way you'd like.

  • If you'd like to change one of your existing reasons to something completely different, we strongly recommend removing the reason via the X button and creating a new box.

  • Each box is a data point that should only be tied to a single reason. Simple edits are fine, but it you change the reason from "Too expensive" to "Too hard to use", the data we've collected for customers that chose that box will be mixed together.

2. You'll then need to decide when you want your customer's prompted to input their cancellation reason. Before they cancel or after depends on with options you'll turn on.

  • Before Cancellation - You'll want to embed the widget into your app; this is essential to Cancellation Insights.

    • Working your way down, edit each item you'd like. Change the callout, colors and decide if you'd like this mandatory to cancel.

    • You'll need then to embed the Cancellation Insights Code; please visit this help document to assit.

  • After Cancellation - You'll want to select the email response option; and this is is entirely optional to use.

    • Working your way down, edit each item you'd like. Change the from e-mail, subject and anything else you'd like to edit.

    • Make sure you select the on switch in the right corner.

3. The last step is setting up a follow-up email campaign; detailed here: Custom Email Responses

Some things to note:

  • Cancellation Insights emails are triggered by subscription cancellations in Stripe - there isn't a way for us to only send them to certain cancellations and ignore others. You might be better served by only embedding the cancellation form - that way your customer is presented with the cancellation reasons when they request cancellation in your app.

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