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Get automatic and on demand metrics in your company's Slack channel. 💥

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With Baremetrics Slack integration you can send important updates to your team's Slack channel such as MRR, LTV, Churn, New Customers, Cancellations and more so nothing falls through the cracks.

Get both instant notifications of important events as well as daily, weekly and monthly summary reports all right in your team's Slack channel!

Setting up the integration

1. Head to the Slack Integration portion of the Settings page and click Connect.

2. Sign in to your Slack account when prompted.

3. Agree to the fine print and choose a destination channel.

Note: Recurring reports will only be posted to one channel, but you can call upon demand reports from any channel.

Configure recurring reports

Recurring reports are posted daily, weekly and monthly. You can choose which metrics are included in each from the Slack Integration portion of the Settings page.

The individual report modules look like this:

Configure instant notifications

A whole whack of instant notifications can be enabled on the Slack Integrationportion of the Settings page.

On-demand reports

This is where things get way cool! You can bring up entire reports or specific metrics for daily, weekly, and monthly intervals. If you ever forget what commands are available, just type /baremetrics to get all of this info right in Slack.

Basic format: /baremetrics metric interval

Omitting the interval will generate a daily report. Omitting the metricwill generate a report made up of all the metrics that were chosen when you configured recurring reports.

Available intervals

  • daily

  • weekly

  • monthly

Available on-demand metrics

  • active_customers

  • active_subscriptions

  • arpu

  • arr

  • cancellations

  • coupons

  • downgrades

  • failed_charges

  • fees

  • ltv

  • mrr

  • net_revenue

  • new_customers

  • new_subscriptions

  • other_revenue

  • plan_quantities

  • reactivations

  • refunds

  • revenue_churn

  • upgrades

  • new_trials

  • converted_trials

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