We give you full control over the contents of each of the emails we send to your customers!

Use this opportunity to experiment with different subject lines to see which better drives open rates. Who doesn't love a good A/B test?

✨ To save you some time: Here is an easy to click link to your Recover templates,

✨ And here is one for your Cancelation Insights templates.

❗ IMPORTANT The {Customer.Name} and {Company} attribute both use data from a third party service called "Clearbit". This service works great if your customer base is predominantly business users with business email addresses. However, you may find if your customer base uses mostly personal email addresses, we'll fall back to "Hey there" if the name isn't found.

Available attributes

  • {Customer.Name} -- First and last name

  • {Customer.FirstName} -- First name only

  • {Company}

  • {Customer.Last4}

  • {BillingLink}

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