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Data Settings

Customize how your data is calculated and presented within Baremetrics

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Your Baremetrics currency is set to the default you use in Stripe. All other currencies are converted to that.

Want us to set a different currency for you? No problem! You can change your currency on the Data Settings page. Please note, it's limited to changing once per day and your entire account will reprocess.


We use data from Clearbit to fill in first names or company names based on your customer email addresses. This tends to work best for B2B businesses where folks are using publicly known business email addresses.

You can also change this setting to use the e-mail field in your payment provider instead.

Delinquent customers:

With payment providers such as Stripe, it is possible to have a delinquent customer who is never canceled. To account for this, by default we will treat delinquent customers as canceled after 30 days.

You can change this setting to after 2 months or never if you prefer.

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