What is a cancellation vs a downgrade?


When someone moves from a paid plan to a non-paid plans.

This means a downgrade to a free plan is actually a cancellation.

Delinquent Customers

Folks who are delinquent (meaning they haven't paid you) for more than 30 days are considered to be cancelled. You can change this to 2 months or never in Data Settings.

This affects your MRR, user and revenue churn, cancellations, and active customers metrics.


When someone moves from one paid plan to another less expensive paid plan.

Switches to Annual Plans

Businesses often encourage folks to sign up for annual plans by throwing in a couple of free months. Though getting folks to sign up on an annual plan is a good thing, this is still considered to be a downgrade as MRR is reduced.

How can I learn more about who is cancelling and downgrading?

Customer Lists
On both the Cancellations and Downgrade metrics, you can scroll down to see a list of folks who have cancelled or downgraded within the selected date range.

You can click on any of those customers to open their customer profile. This will allow you to see their entire history with you.

Compare Plans

See which plans contribute most to downgrades and cancellations.

Compare Date Ranges

See how your last 30 days of cancellations compares to a previous period.

Trend Lines

Take out the bumps in your data and get a clearer idea of how your business is doing. 

Use a long date range and a weekly or monthly interval for best results.

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