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Hiring Plan
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1. Create a Team

Before adding employees you need to create a team. Start by selecting New Team from the top-right side of the Hiring Plan page.

2. Map your Team Wages, Benefits and Employer Taxes

For example, map your Engineering Team salaries to Wages - R&D as seen below:

You can also map multiple teams to the same expense account. A common example is the company benefits, where the company might offer only medical benefits and wants to map all of those expenses to a single "Health Insurance" account.

3. Add Employees

Navigate to the team you want to start hiring for, and select Add Employee to make your first hire.

You will need to fill in the Title, Hire Date and Salary, but likely you'll also want to add Payroll Tax and Benefits for any salaried employees. If this person is a known hire, make sure to add their Name as well.

If you offer one-off payments such as relocation assistance or a signing bonus, you can add those under One-Time Payments. Finally, you are able to set a salary change in the future by changing New Salary. Most common use-case for this would be an employee raise.

4. Decide what are the affected Scenarios

Decide to which scenario(s) this change applies to. Typically, you will want to apply known hires to all of the scenarios, so you can usually select Copy to All Scenarios before clicking Save and Close.

For more speculative hires, first select the scenario you want to use, fill in the properties, and select Save and Close without copying the information over to other scenarios.

5. View Your Hiring Plan

That's it. You have added your first employee! Repeat the process with other teams and team members, and you have your Hiring Plan ready to go.

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