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How to create API credentials for Google Play

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If you haven't already, start a trial here:

Step 1:

Please follow the steps below to retrieve the required API credentials:

... and "Link" your Google Play account to a Google Developer project.

  • Create a Service account

A JSON file with the credentials will be downloaded to your computer. Finally, you'll need to grant access to your app's financial information for this newly created service account. To do that, head back to the Play Store console (tab should still be open):

Step 2:

Now you'll need to retrieve your Google Play Store storage bucket id:

Head to the developer console:

Select "Download Reports" in the menu on the left.

Select your app.

At the bottom of the page, you'll find "Direct report URIs:" with a URL that looks something like:

  • gs://pubsite_prod_rev_01234501234567543210/reviews

pubsite_prod_rev_01234501234567543210 is what we need.

Step 3:

Head on over to and add the credentials!

Please note: Sometimes Google needs a bit of time between you changing or creating API keys and these changes propagating. We've found that giving it some time - an hour or so often fixes it… Obviously, if the issue persists, please let us know and we'll look further into it!

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