Shopify is discontinuing the service we used for our Shopify Partners integration, so we’re working to find another solution. I know this is unfortunate news and — believe us — we’re eager to get something you can use as soon as possible. We’re working with them to try to get a short-term solution so you can continue your service with Baremetrics as well as an even better, long-term solution that’ll be even better than what we had before.

Until then, an email or Tweet to Shopify (and/or Shopify developers) would help us rally the necessary resources on their end and get a viable solution for you so you can continue with us.

A simple message like this to or @shopifydevs would be immensely helpful:

“Hey Shopify team!

We’ve been really enjoying using Baremetrics with the integration they built with you as it allows us to unlock in-depth analytics on our business metrics and customer base. We’re excited for the future of your developments and would love if you can accelerate a solution for them so we can continue getting the Baremetrics analytics on our Shopify app.

Thanks in advance”

This would go a long way for us and we’re working hard to get an even better solution in place for you!

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