The reports that Apple makes available are restrictive and therefore Apple subscriber data within Baremetrics is to be enjoyed with the following caveats:

  • Apple stores historical subscription data for a period of one year. Customers who have subscribed more than a year ago, will therefore be reported as having started their subscription a year ago.

  • Apple's reports do not allow any cancellation to be tied to an individual customer. Apple's own metrics will exclude a canceled customer from "Active Paid Subscriptions" right away. Baremetrics will keep that customer as an "Active Customer" until 3 days after expiry of the subscription.

    This means that the number of "Active Customers" reported within Baremetrics will seem inflated when compared against Apple's "Active Paid Subscriptions" number, particularly so, if you are offering Yearly subscriptions.
  • Apple makes no personal data of any kind available in their reports. We're therefore unable to show you personal information on the customer profiles of your iOS subscribers.

  • Customers who reactivate a subscription after more than 6 months of inactivity cannot be reported as Reactivations, but are instead reported as new customers.

  • Apple data is not included in the Other Revenue, Failed Charges, and Coupons reports.

  • In line with our other direct integrations, we do not remove Apple fees from MRR, Net Revenue, etc. 

  • Apple sends us reports with a 2 day delay. If you're not seeing a recent event please wait, it will soon be here!
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