What are failed charges?

Anytime your payment provider attempts a charge and it is not successful.

What can cause a charge to fail?

Lots of things! The customer could have reported their card lost or stolen. The card may be at it's limit. The bank may have flagged the payment as suspicious. Or the card has been expired or replaced.

How can I prevent Failed Charges?

Recover is your best bet for preventing and recovering failed charges. Learn More. 

How can I learn more about failed charges?

Failed Charges Page

See the number of failed charges per day, as well as the number of customers currently delinquent and those who are at risk of becoming delinquent due to soon to expire credit cards.

Trend Lines

It can be tricky to see if failed charges are going up or down over time. Trend lines makes that a ton easier.

See how many failed charges you get compared to other businesses like yours.

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