Updating your "from" email address

With Recover, Cancellation Insights and Messaging we send e-mail on behalf of you to your customer's. You're able to send from any email address that is your domain. 

By default, emails will be sent from the admin user. If you want to update the sending e-mail address you'll need to update the templates in each.


You can access your templates HERE. You'll need to edit each "from address" on every template:

Cancellation Insights

Cancellation Insights has two locations to edit the "from address". 

The first is located HERE:

We also send follow-up emails that can be customized based on response. You'll need to edit every template from the dropdown HERE
Protip: You can send Technical Issues to Customer Service and Missing Features to your Product team. 💡


This is an easy one! 😊 When creating your Messages, just add the email you'll want the message to send from:


DNS records help you improve deliverability and trust when using sending emails via Baremetrics. These domains are extracted from any 'From Address' you use in Recover, Cancellation Insights and Messaging. You can view detailed instructions here: DNS records

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