What is the Baremetrics Goals feature?

Goals allow you to draw a separate line on any graph and see how your real numbers measure up.

How do I add a goal?

  1. Click on the Goals section on any metric:

  2. Give it a name, and set the beginning and end dates and values.

  3. Your goal will automatically appear, and you can see how well you're trending towards it.

What sort of goals should I set?

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Use the Forecast tool to see where your MRR is headed. Want to speed up your growth? Set a goal for even higher than projected growth!

User and Revenue Churn

If your churn rate is in the double-digits, your business is in trouble. Hit up our Academy article on churn, make some changes, and set a goal to reduce it!

How do I interpret goals?

  • The date + amount on the left is the start point, when the goal was set up. 
  • The date + amount on the right is the goal target entered by the user.
  • The filled blue part of the progress bar is the user's actual progress.
  • The horizontal line shows where you should be to be 'on pace'. If it's red, you're behind; if it's green, you're over-pacing.
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