The hosted payment form

This is where the magic happens! We generate a unique URL for every customer to go to to update their credit card details. This removes the friction of them having to update their CC details. Heck they can even do it from their phone!

Payment Provider Token

We need the public key for your payment provider. Here's where you can find it for your payment provider.

Enable the hosted form

Important! Make sure to enable the hosted form and choose where you want to redirect users after they have successfully updated their details from the Emails Billing Link page.

Hosting your own payment form

You may prefer to host your own payment form. To do this, choose Custom on the Emails Billing Link page. You can link folks to a universal page that they must login to see. 

You can also pass the customer ID or email address using the {Customer.ID} or {Customer.Email} attributes respectively in the URL. This will allow you to generate a credit card page that can update specific customer records without them having to login.

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