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Create a read-only user account

For maximum security and easier control over your integration, it's best to create a read-only user account specifically for Baremetrics to use.

To get a username and password to enter into Baremetrics, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your partner dashboard
  2. Click team on the left
  3. Click “Invite Staff Member”
  4. Enter an email, and select only the “View Financials” permission
  5. Click the link in the confirmation email Shopify sent you

Finally, grab your Partner ID from your Partner Dashboard URL (in place of "ID_HERE"). 

Caveats with the integration

  • Churn is based on the non-presence of a charge the following month and typically has a lag of 3-5 days.
  • Shopify does not provide us with your customer's email addresses and we therefore cannot enrich your customer's data.
  • Some customers (usually from earlier years) are marked by Shopify as "REDACTED". Such customers are excluded from metrics.
  • We're unable to recognize returning customers as reactivation. Customers returning after a cancellation will show as "New". 
  • UsageCharge charges are not included in MRR. They are included in Other Revenue and Net Revenue
  • In line with our other direct integrations, we do not remove Shopify's fees from MRR, Net Revenue, etc. 
  • There is a delay with reporting new customers with Shopify. We can only get new customers when Shopify generates a payout report. So basically, once a payment is done, it will show as a new customer - but that may not happen instantly based on payout schedule. 

Current status of connecting your Shopify Partners account to Baremetrics

Shopify has notified us of potentially discontinuing the service we used for our Shopify Partners integration, so we’re working to find another solution. I know this is unfortunate news and — believe us — we’re eager to get something you can use as soon as possible. We’re working with them to try to get a short-term solution so you can continue your service with Baremetrics as well as an even better, long-term solution that’ll be even better than what we had before.

Until then, an email or Tweet to Shopify (and/or Shopify developers) would help us rally the necessary resources on their end and get a viable solution for you so you can continue with us.

A simple message like this to or @shopifydevs would be immensely helpful:

“Hey Shopify team!

We’ve been really enjoying using Baremetrics with the integration they built with you as it allows us to unlock in-depth analytics on our business metrics and customer base. We’re excited for the future of your developments and would love if you can accelerate a solution for them so we can continue getting the Baremetrics analytics on our Shopify app.

Thanks in advance”

This would go a long way for us and we’re working hard to get an even better solution in place for you!

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