Customer Augmentation

Add your own fields to your customer's Baremetrics profile and create Segments with your unique data

Have you ever wondered which of your marketing channels is driving more MRR? Or how the churn rates compare to customers that rated you a 5 NPS score versus a 10? 

With Augmentation, you can add those fields (and any others you can dream of!) to your customer profiles and then segment by those new attributes. Pretty cool stuff, right??

You can find the place to add this data on your customers tab, right under the filters for segments:

Adding via CSV

The rules for adding attributes via .csv are simple, but strict 😉 

  1. The file must be in .csv format
  2. There must be an email address column. We will tie the attribute to the Baremetrics profile based on the email address provided in this column - so it must match the email Baremetrics has for the customer.
  3. The new attribute can't share the name of any of the currently existing attributes. You can see your existing attributes on this management page, or by scrolling through the filters on your customers tab: 


It's super simple! Here's an example: 

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